Online Pharmacy in Haiti

Looking for an Online Pharmacy in Haiti? Choose Pharmacie VittaMed

Pharmacie VittaMed is the first online pharmacy in Haiti and the first of its kind online store that offers excellent quality pharmaceutical products. All you have to do is to shop for your required products from our store and get your products with our on-time delivery.

The first online pharmacy in Haiti gives you the option to make secure transactions through PayPal and credit cards, thus making the process easy for you.

We Have A Professional Team of Experts

Pharmacie VittaMed Online Store is successful in providing quality services with great customer service and free delivery. Our team consists of well trained and experienced Pharmacists and other professionals for health care aimed at delivering the best service.

We Offer Quality Local and Branded Products

We have a reliable stock offering you an extensive range of quality products, catering to the needs of every customer. We also sell local pharmaceutical products as well as branded medications available for you.

Online Pharmacy in Haiti
Online Pharmacy in Haiti

Our Goal Is to Provide Excellent Service

Our focus is on the contribution to the wellbeing of communities with the help of reliable and quality products. An expert team of certified pharmacists is always dedicated to offering great customer service that exceeds the expectations of the clients.

This ideology has led us to move towards the vision of being the preferred online pharmacy for Haitians. our goal is to meet their health and wellbeing requirements. Our services include preparation and provision of medications to patients based on a prescription. we offer on-site consultation services provided by our expert pharmacists, and a free home delivering system around the Port au Prince for your convenience.

We are located in Petion-Ville, 37 Rue Gregoire.

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